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Bridget is my special girl. She is the daughter of a very accomplished show dog that has won best Shiba in many countries.  Not that it makes any difference to me, she's just my favorite companion.  She has a good Shiba temperament and a quirky personality that makes me laugh.

Bridget certainly isn't my most obedient Shiba. I know when she will and when she won't come when called so I always have to out think her.  Bridget is a major drama queen and a bit of a wuss.  Luckily she recovers easily from upset. She also has a wicked sense of humor. As an example, when we are out in public she will scream as loud as she can, just out of the blue, over some ridiculous little thing and then point at me as if to say "she beats me when nobody's looking!" VERY FUNNY BRIDGET! I have other Shibas that are more honest but I still love her best.

It's probably just that she is MY dog and we both know it. She only has eyes for me and that's the way I like it. She knows I will protect her from over enthusiastic admirers when she is tired of their constant advances at shows or walks in the park. We've got each others back and our respect and admiration goes both ways.

Bridget is a wonderful traveling companion and fun show dog. She has her AKC, (photo below) IABCA & UKC championships and this summer we'll work on her Canadian championship.   Then we'll do her favorite Barn Hunt  and some simple obedience titles to keep us busy together, participating for a long time to come.

Bridget is the third generation of my own CHIC card holding females. This means she has passed all the tests of inherent problems recognized by OFA in the Shiba breed. In addition to the required tests I test the dentition, heart and thyroid of my Shibas. Bridget's hips are rated above average for Shibas and received the designation of EXCELLENT which is initially hard to achieve but since most NSCA breeders have been testing their Shibas since they first arrived from Japan and breeding only those cleared from hip displasia the percentage of excellent hips has started to go up.  This is wonderful news for everybody.

Bridget has produced some seriously beautiful puppies. I finished several championships with her daughter Fuyu sired by Ch. Kupono.  Bridget has had two litters by Ch. Zashi and had a total of 4 very beautiful male puppies and 2 female puppies all with wonderful temperaments.  Probably the best pups I have produced to date.  I may breed her one more time but I want the perfect mate for her.

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